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I have been in "the word business" one way or another for decades. As a staffer at The Ottawa Citizen daily newspaper, I both wrote and edited news and features. I've also worked on staff in the federal government editing books, reports and manuals, and writing promotional and educational materials.

I began freelancing in 1997. Since then, I've written for local and national magazines, and contributed articles to a cycling website. I edit material for Parks Canada and other organizations, and have expanded to helping self-publishing authors succeed.
For the past six years, I've been writing outdoor articles  for almost every issue of  Ottawa Outdoors Magazine . (Click the Outdoor magazine icon to read my latest article.)

I have been a regular contributor to Heritage, the Heritage Canada Foundation's national quarterly magazine, for 15 years.

In 2009, I began writing a blog for recreational cyclists on the popular online magazine Women's Cycling.

Lately, I've provided coaching, substantial, stylistic and copy editing to authors wanting to self-publish both fiction and self-help books. Heather Pardon's second book, Life's Too Short to Drive a White Car, has just been published. (Click on covers for details.)
My subject areas include:

Canadian history
heritage preservation
Parks Canada
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