About Me

I used to be a professional writer in Ottawa. Then, in 2016, I retired and moved to Prince Edward County. Awed by the natural landscape, I picked up a camera. I found a visual world far more exciting than a verbal one. Who knew that a picture really was worth a thousand words?

Nothing has captured my eye and emotion more than Wellington Beach. Water intrigues me. Every day in every season brings something different: the wind sculpts the water and sand; sunlight alters the mood, ice remakes the shoreline. There is an ever-changing abundance of textures and patterns.

I’ve exhibited at the juried ART in the County show for the past four years. I also have had solo month-long shows at a local winery in 2018 and 2019. Some of my prints are also available at The Local Store just south of Bloomfield and on its website. I was selected as a guest artist For the spring season for Arts on Main Gallery and then Covid 19 hit, and that never took off. However, this spring I was accepted as a Guest Artist on its online gallery:

Some of my photos are matted and framed; some are on canvas. Many of the canvas can be hung horizontal or vertical. Sizes vary. Prices depend on sizing and material.

Please contact me ( if interested in purchasIng. There is no sales tax and shipping is free in Prince Edward County.

About Me


  • Wellington, Prince Edward, Ontario, Canada