In 2016, I moved to Prince Edward County on Lake Ontario. It opened my eyes to nature,  so I bought a camera.

I try to capture the essence of waterscapes and the abstract natural beauty.  Nothing has captured my eye and emotion more than the Wellington Beach area. Water intrigues me. Every day in every season brings something different: the wind sculpts the water and sand; sunlight/clouds alters the mood, ice remakes the shoreline. There is an ever-changing abundance of textures and patterns.

I’ve exhibited at the juried ART in the County show for the past five years. I also have had solo month-long shows at a local winery. I am a former member of the Canadian Association for Photographic Art, and current member of the Prince Edward County Arts Council. As a guest artist, some of my prints were on show with the Arts on Main Gallery. My photos are regularly published in the Wellington on the Lake Neighbourly News Magazine, and occasionally in The Wellington Time weekly.

My photos are matted and framed, usually 18x24”, but other size options are available. Please contact me ( if interested in purchasIng. There is no sales tax and shipping is free in Prince Edward County.
  • Wellington, Prince Edward, Ontario, Canada
  • By appointment only